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Word of Mouth

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Amy&Oscar (South Africa)

We have a large family, and I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible work done by the Indigo Initiative in working with our children. The Indigo Initiative has been providing therapy to our 4 and 2 year old daughters, and 15 year old son.  

Our 4 year old on the spectrum needs extra support to ensure she has all the tools to thrive in our neurotypical world. She was struggling with regulation which often ended up in meltdowns that were traumatic for her. We were introduced to Sanam shortly after receiving our older daughter's diagnosis when she was 18 months old. From the moment Sanam entered our home, it was evident that her passion and expertise in working with children on the autism spectrum were exceptional. Her ability to create a comfortable and supportive environment truly sets her apart.

I remember one day when Sanam arrived, our daughter was having a swimming lesson and was nervous to get in the pool. She had tried a few times before but her anxiety was too high for her to overcome. The swimming teacher's approach was making our daughter more anxious.  Sanam simply walked up to our daughter, rolled her pants up and got in the pool. Our daughter laughed and followed in immediately! 

We noticed a positive change in our child over a short space of time.  She has gained confidence in herself, her social anxiety has improved, she can communicate her needs and can self-regulate so much more effectively. She has since integrated beautifully into a mainstream school.

As a family we have gained a deeper understanding of autism and as a result of the work that The Indigo Initiative has been doing with us, we have also been able to diagnose and provide help to our teen son who has been struggling with organisation skills, confidence and social anxiety for most of his life. The Indigo Initiative were also able to provide online sessions for him when needed due to his schedule.

We have also have a 2 year old toddler, who has just started sessions with The Indigo Initiative and again, I can already see a decrease in her rigidity and subsequently the frequency of her meltdowns have decreased. Through interactive play sessions, she is skilfully engaged, making each session fun and enjoyable. Our practitioners playful demeanour creates an environment that feels more like a playdate than therapy, putting our child at ease and fostering a sense of trust. This has been crucial in breaking down barriers and building a strong relationship. By focusing on turn-taking, sharing, and joint play, she helps our child develop vital social skills in a natural and supportive manner. It's heart-warming to see the progress our toddler has made in initiating social interactions and forming meaningful connections with others.

With a large, neurodiverse family such as ours, the support that The Indigo Initiative team provides is invaluable.

They have a deep understanding of the unique needs of children on the autism spectrum and tailor activities to provide a calming and soothing learning experience. Through techniques such as deep pressure touch, sensory play, and visual supports, they assist our children in developing effective self-regulation strategies, resulting in improved emotional well-being and reduced meltdowns. 

One of the standout aspects of The Indigo Initiative is their willingness to come to our home. This not only saves us the stress and logistics of traveling to a clinic, but it also allows our children to feel at ease in their familiar surroundings. It creates an atmosphere where they can thrive.

The impact that The Indigo Initiative has had on our family so far is vast and it keeps on growing. What sets The Indigo Initiative apart is their genuine dedication and commitment to our children’s progress. They regularly communicate with us, providing valuable feedback on our children’s development, suggesting activities and techniques that we can implement at home. This comprehensive approach ensures that therapy extends beyond the sessions, enabling us to support our child's growth and progress in their everyday life.

In summary, our experience with The Indigo Initiative has been nothing short of exceptional. We are immensely grateful for their dedication and highly recommend them to any parents seeking skilled and compassionate people to work with their child on the autism spectrum

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